No Latecomers, Just Beginners

In returning to God after you have gone your own way, there are no latecomers.  He willingly welcomes back each wayward child. He accepts every one as His own and offers new beginnings. If you want to return to Him, you can. He said that in Jeremiah 4.

But if you want to return then you must:

  1. Throw away your detestable idols — your sins, your addictions, worldly pleasures and desires, sinful thoughts, or anything that fills up the space in your hearts.

How? First, seek Him and get to know Him. As you begin to know Him, you will come to realize who God really is. You will begin to acknowledge that He is Holy and that you must fear Him and serve Him alone. In knowing the character of God, you will learn to love Him and your desire to please Him will exceed more than your desire to please your own self with your ‘idols’.

Giving up your ‘idols’ is not easy. It’s hard and it’s painful. But God doesn’t want us to do it on our own. He gives strength to each of our weaknesses. He even provides a way out. I know because He did that to me a few times back. If you are willing to do it, God is more than willing to help you. But first you have to desire it in your heart. Desire to seek and know Him. Desire to love Him and to be like Him.

2. Plow up the uncultivated ground of your heart. Do not harden your heart to the instructions and corrections of the Lord. Read God’s Word daily and learn from Him. Fill your heart with the Word of the Lord so you will be careful to do what is right.

3. Do not waste your good seed among thorns. Choose your friends and company. Do not attach yourself to people who doesn’t know God and acknowledge His Holiness. Don’t be influenced by worldly people that could take your good seed. Surround yourself with people that help you with your walk in God, encourage you and bring you closer to God.

4. Sanctify yourself to the Lord by removing the sins of your heart — your pride and power. Ask God to change  your heart. Ask Him to help you get rid of your pride and entitlement. Ask God because only Him can help you with the sins of your heart — pride, envy, jealousy, discontentment, entitlement, etc.

5. Be broken before God. The moment you realize how much you have sinned against God, it will break your own heart knowing you have hurt your Father’s heart. Only through your broken pieces that God can mend you and make you whole again. God wants you to be whole. He wants to heal not just your heart but your soul as well. He wants to mend your broken relationship with Him

6. Live in awe of the Lord your God. Fear Him with a reverential kind of fear and worship Him in pleasure or in pain. For everything comes from Him. He gives us rain each spring and fall, assuring us of the harvest when the time is right.

Your wickedness has deprived you of God’s wonderful blessings. Your sin has robbed you of all the good things from God. He wants you to experience the abundant life He has promised because He is good and He loves you. Return to Him while you still can. Begin with Him again.

Please read Jeremiah 4 and 5 for reference.

Happy Holiday!


Glimpse of the Father’s Heart (Part 2)


My faithless child, come home to me again, for I am merciful and gracious. I will not be angry with you forever. Only understand fully and acknowledge your wickedness and guilt.  And admit that you have rebelled against Me, your God. Confess that you refused to listen to my voice. Return home, you my wayward child for I am your Master. I would love to treat you as my own child! I want nothing more than to give you a heritage. I looked forward to your calling Me ‘Father’ and I wanted you never turn from Me. 

My wayward child, come back to Me and I will heal your wayward heart. 

Your Father


After all, God still wants you. He still longs for you. He still loves you. Isn’t He amazing? His love knows no bound. His mercy is overflowing and His grace is sufficient. He died to win your heart back. Go home!

Please read the Part 1 


Glimpse of a Father’s Heart (Part 1)

          Jeremiah 2 is very personal to me because God pierced my heart through this chapter so I paraphrased some of the verses a little and own it as God’s letter to me. When I read it, it leaves me speechless, humbled and repentant.  Everything I’ve been through — disappointments, hurts, shattered dreams, failures, struggles, emptiness, etc. for two years  have made sense. Those are God’s ways of dealing with me because I was stubborn and disobeyed Him many times. It was painful and it was very hard and I am still suffering the consequences of my actions until now but I know it is just and it is best for me so I would learn what it means to really fear the Lord.

          Perhaps this letter speaks to you too. You can own it and have a glimpse of the Father’s heart when you and I broke his.


I remember the loving kindness and devotion of your youth, how eager you were to please Me as a young bride long ago, how you loved Me and followed Me even through the wilderness. But what did you find wrong with Me that led you stray so far from Me? I brought you to a plentiful land to eat its fruit and enjoy its good things. But you defiled the promise I have for you. You have done two evil things: You have abandoned Me — the fountain of living water. And you have dug for yourself a cracked cistern that can hold no water at all. You have been destroyed and you have brought this upon yourself by rebelling against Me, your God, even though I was leading you on the way. Your wickedness has disciplined you. Your turning from me has shamed you. You have seen what an evil and bitter thing it is to abandon the Lord your God and not to fear Him. I was the One you planted you, choosing a vine of the purest stock — the very best. How then have you turned against Me?

Face the awful sins you have done. You were like a restless female camel desperately searching for a mate. You were like a wild donkey, sniffing the wind at mating time. Who can restrain your lust? Those who desired you didn’t need to search, for you went running to them! Why do you complain and contend with Me? You have rebelled against Me. Does a young woman forget her jewelry or a bride her wedding dress? Yet for years, you have forgotten Me. 

Your Father


To be continued…

WAIT because…

          So after pouring out everything to God last night — all my whys, my hurts, my  struggles and my hows, finally He said one thing that  stir my heart. The familiar words He gave me is  ‘WAIT ON HIM”. It sounds clear and simple but actually it’s not. It would take a lot of patience, endurance and perseverance especially when I don’t see any evidence that something good would come up. But you know what? It’s also freeing to hear those words because it could mean that I don’t need to bother trying to figure out some things or trying to do things to get what I want. It could mean that I can rest and allow God to perform whatever I’ve been praying. The verse below reminded me of the lessons I learned from the past experiences when I waited on Him.

Isaiah 64:4 (NLT)

For since the world began,
    no ear has heard
and no eye has seen a God like you,
    who works for those who wait for him!

Why God wants me to wait?

  1. Wait because He is WORKING. It means that He’s taking the lead. He’s doing what I can not do for myself. I don’t need to know what He is doing. I just have to trust Him that He is working on my behalf. Maybe He wants to protect me, or He wants me to trust Him more, or He simply wants me to rest and lean on Him as He does the work. He wants me to put down my  self defense and my restless heart and just wait on Him.
  2. Wait because He has PROVEN Himself in the past that to wait on Him is best for me and it resulted to answered prayers, victorious and blessed life.
  3. Wait because He is TRUSTWORTHY. I can trust Him that He won’t let me down and that He is faithful to His words and promises. I can trust Him that He is working things out for me as I keep waiting on Him.
  4. Wait because He is TEACHING me to trust and depend on Him for strength and wisdom.
  5. Wait because He wants to DEVELOP in me patient endurance with good attitude while waiting on Him.
  6. Wait because He CARES for me. He doesn’t want me to carry my burdens alone. He wants to help me and to find rest in Him. He wants to fight the battles for me because He loves me so much He doesn’t want me to fight alone.

          To wait on Him means FREEDOM. I can be free from stress and pressure as I allow God to handle my cares instead of trying to deal with them on my own. I still have fears and what-ifs but these are my usual response if I fail to acknowledge who God really is in my life, if I don’t have the depth knowledge of the God I am serving and if I don’t trust the One who knows what’s best for me and who is able to  accomplish the work He has started in me.

          There are struggles along the way as I wait. It’s not going to be easy. It may take time. It may hurt me in the process and may cost me too much. But it’s all about Him not me. So in the end to Wait on Him is All Worth It. 




DAYDREAMING because reality       sucks. LOL.

WISHING  I could talk to God as easy and freely as the morning breaks.

PLAYING Word Cookies

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LEARNING about gas/lpg stuff

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PLANNING Pop’s Birthday

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WATCHING Reply 1988

Welcome Back Self!

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My mood currently. Haha


          Hello readers (if ever I have, lol). It’s been a while since I wrote anything here. I’ve been depressed so I have no will to do anything which I think is pretty understandable. Ha-ha.  I wish I have the energy left to do the things that I love like writing but sad to say I just don’t have. Life’s is hard for me though. I don’t want to list down all the bad things that happened to me for the last two years of my life but if I could find the courage to share my pains then I would, maybe someday. For now, I just want to welcome myself back here and hopefully in the coming days I could share something about anything that’s going on. I miss writing my devotionals here, my travels and life lessons so I really hope I can start again especially now that I have a lot of things that I want to talk about– my present life, love, God, depression, school, homeschooling, Montessori approach, family, travels and friendship. Wish me the best in life cos this year has been so awful for me. I don’t know if could get back on my feet again. I may look fine on the outside but I’m dyyyyiiinnnggg inside. I want you to know that I have God to whom I share eveeerrrrrythhhannng and that keeps me going in this cruel  world. Hope I’ll be fine soon and every chaos of my heart will find peace and rest.

      Now I’m thinking on something new and special for this blog. Maybe a ‘Sunday Inspiration’ posts’, Friday Habit’, “Saturday Night’ or perhaps I would include here the ‘DailyDiary of B’. We’ll see!

          One of my goals on this blog is to make it as authentic as possible–to be true to myself and others. To write not just happy thoughts and memories or show to people a well crafted life but I also want to write the downside of my life – the everyday struggles, pains, frustrations, insecurities, etc. This would make life more realistic, relatable and meaningful. I am sad now for some reasons but I am also excited to start doing things again. Inspiration please?!. Lol. Watch out!

          Sharing to you my favorite line today, ‘In the end what helps you overcome obstacles isn’t brains but someone who’ll take your hand and won’t let you go’.

Love Me In The Storm



I don’t know why, love seems so blind

Can’t it see I’m losing my pride

Can’t it feel I’m dying inside

Show me the reason behind

Of every falling star and gray skies

Of every shattered dreams and pains

Love me Lord in these places

Love me in the storm Lord

Love me in the rain

I need Your love in a most special way

Love me in the pain Lord

Love me in my shame

Show Your deepest love in the storm oh Lord

I pray

Why is Your love seems unreal this time

Been trying but I couldn’t see Your smile

When is the end of each line

Where are the promises for my life

Of a hope and a present helper

Of a friend and a restorer

Of a deep love from a Father